The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Attempted Monochromic

Well, I have never actually tried to take a monochrome photo before, and I’m currently digging my old archive to find if I have “suitable” photos or not.

So, here’s my attempted monochrome photos (I must apologize that I have previously put a watermark in one of them)…

This one, I took when I went to Malang, a town near Surabaya. We were walking through on a theme park and I look up and saw these tree branches and so I took a snap.


This one is taken in Tanah Lot, Bali. Probably one of my most favourite places on earth 🙂


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Monochromatic.”

I hope you enjoy!


B101 – Who’s my audience?

Hello everyone!

I have to submit this assignment late because I honestly need to think through who’s my targeted audience for this blog.

Even after giving it a night sleep I still can’t come up with “proper” targeted audience scope because I really don’t have particular intended audience.

So, my “target audience” is everyone.

Everyone who enjoys my post, everyone who think my post is good enough and worth a read, everyone who can accept my blog and posts the way they are. 🙂

And, I hope you enjoy this song. an oldie but goodie 🙂


Writing 101 – Day 4 : An Image’s Story


If a picture paint a thousand words, then this picture paint a thousand of different stories.

Image of City at Night, the city lights often brings a mellow feeling and a thousand imagination to my mind.

When you’re passing through a busy street or when your flight finally ready to land, and you saw the lights below you, do you also think that each of those light are representing a family? a single person? a couple?

Does the owner of each of those light have a good day?

Are they enjoying dinner with their love one?

Are they still waiting for their love one to come home?

Are they still looking for the one?

Are they happy? Are they sad?

Same when you saw busy street at night, where are these people heading out to?

Are they in a hurry? Are they just wandering around?

Do you think among the people in those lights, there’s anyone out there who look the same sight as you and and thinking exactly what you are thinking?

These kind of thoughts usually appear on my mind when I saw city at night/city light. 🙂

I hope I’m not being creepy..



Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – Sense of Touch

When I first read the “Sense of Touch” part, the first thing that came into my simple mind is hand..

Hence, this picture exist..


rough hands of mine.

then, the next morning, when I was waiting for our company car to pick me up for work, – I was waiting in a close by store that build a simple rooftop for their customer’s motorcycle to park to – this sight caught my eyes…


so, the photo above complete my initial idea of Sense of touching – which is a net safety vest I have at work


I hope you all enjoy my entry this week!

Bonus photo:

  1. The original safety vest.


2. I took a pic of the vest from another angle, and when I playfully edit the tone, it turns out like this. 😀



The Secret of W101

Ahh I was almost giving up making this post, it was kind of long and tiring day for me in real life but I can’t seem to put my mind on rest knowing I still haven’t post today’s assignment from Writing 101 class.

So, I’ll make a quick post regarding the one word prompt. Given all the choices sent, I feel that Secret was the most fascinating word of them all.

Everyone has a secret, or 10.

I have a secret, you have a secret, I’m sure even my parents both have a secret they don’t even tell each other.

I think most of my ‘secrets’ are made to be secret because I feel like they will make me vulnerable. It can do damage to the sensitive insecure part of me. And I don’t want pity from other people nor do I want people to think I’m weirder than I am now.

But I can accept those secret as part of me, special part of me that is just for me. My own space in myself.

Was this that make secrets so special?
That some people going out their way to protect their secret?

Because it’s like the most basicest out of basic right to have a secret?

What do you think?

Oh, and good night for now! X