Who’s Vamps?



I feel like this is my first day at school, or due to my age, first day at new workplace.

A new home to blog (not that I blog often) but I’m trying to, so bear with me.

So, what can I tell you about me? I’m suck at this thing. I’m just gonna list few facts about me so you can “judge” me by your self.

1. I’m a Chelsea fan

2. I’m Michael Schumacher fan (you can say he’s my childhood first love, I still love him till now, fingers crossed he’s making recovery)

3. I’m  aTVXQ fan (if you don’t know them, that’s OK – well, they are the 2 guys you see at the top of this post- , if you recognized them from earlier then well done!! and by TVXQ here I mean the current TVXQ the duo, I’m not fond of 5-members-TVXQ).

4. I love Darren Hayes songs. This man has a voice of heaven and mind-blowing composition and lyrics.

5. Online friends usually use my nickname “vamps” which has nothing to do with The Cullens or the Twilight series, I’ve been using it since before Twilight era. My real life friends, knows this nickname as well.

6. If you accidentally read some real offensive, provocative, fierce comments posted by the name “vampiress” in TVXQ related articles/website, that might be me, might not be me. I do admit I’ve done and written some controversial comments in the past, but most of it are directed to some people who might deserve it. Not regretting it here.

7. My mum is an excellent cook, I am trying to learn as much recipes from her as possible. I will need to bring home a note book and write down all recipes one day so I don’t have to phone her every time I wanna cook.

8. I am currently learning basic Japanese. I love learning new languages. I speak Indonesian, Javanese (informal and daily languange, mixed with Suroboyoan – which mean Surabaya dialect) and English. Besides, I understand some easy and simple Chinese (which is fading away) and Korean. I can read Hangul (but not as fluent as I wish I could be).

9. I recently also like making sketches. And believe me, it’s was an “err” level that I might as well use my “skill” to get back to people that offended me instead of drawing people I love.

10. The eye sketch on my profile picture is probably my best sketch so far.


11. I love reading and watching movies/dramas/anime/comedy whatever that make me laugh cry and relax. This might sound like a very basic answer to the question “what is your hobby?” but it’s true though. Reading helps us to open our minds to ideas, different point of views and I remember a saying that goes like “we live a thousands life through books”. I like reading fictions, romance or fantasy novels, some classic novels, and I love detective/mysteries stories. I also love horror movies.

12. Which lead me to say this. I do believe that ghost exist.

13. I hate lightning. I really do. I love rain, but not the lightning. I once staying at the gym 30 minutes longer just to wait till the lightning stops.

14. I love sleeping as well. And ironically, I often find it difficult to sleep at night. Consistent to my vamps nickname, I feel more awake at night. I once went almost 40 hours without sleeping.

15. If we follow our extensive family tree, I’m already a grandma in my 20s. My cousins (who are several years younger than my dad) already have grand kids.

16. I believe 16 is a lucky number, as well as magical 7. That’s why I’m stopping here.

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