B101 – Who’s my audience?

Hello everyone!

I have to submit this assignment late because I honestly need to think through who’s my targeted audience for this blog.

Even after giving it a night sleep I still can’t come up with “proper” targeted audience scope because I really don’t have particular intended audience.

So, my “target audience” is everyone.

Everyone who enjoys my post, everyone who think my post is good enough and worth a read, everyone who can accept my blog and posts the way they are. 🙂

And, I hope you enjoy this song. an oldie but goodie 🙂



Blog Title and Tagline for B101

Blogging 101 assignment for day 2 is changing the Blog Title and Tagline

I did, when I set up this blog.

I thought choosing the Blog title was the hardest one of the task, but it turns out that the tagline is the hardest.

My blog title, Destination T, is actually influenced by my favourite TVXQ

Our (TVXQ and fans) catch phrase is “We are T”

One of the most famous quote from one of the member is “The TVXQ train, once you get on, you can never get off. But you‘re still going to join us, right??” Yunho said this once on his thank you note for their first album as duo – long story short TVXQ was once a 5-member-ed group but they split and the duo continue to be TVXQ while the other 3 formed a new group. My favourite is the TVXQ duo. There’s a bad blood between fandoms etc etc and I stick with the duo fandom.

We are T, is a catch phrase made after they became a duo, which is in a sense of belonging, belong to the duo and fans.

So, the origin of this blog name is because actually I didn’t know about what would I do with this blog, where this blog is going, but in coincidence with both TVXQ members army enlistment (South Korean men must serve in the army) for 2 years, this feel like me, as a fan, is wandering around during this hiatus. hence the Destination T, because no matter where they go, no matter where I go, which way we go, in the end we will always be T.

It’s probably so lame! hahaa

But I’m trying to keep TVXQ related content minimum in my blog so don’t worry!

Tagline, I find, is harder than the title, for tagline will usually give a glimpse of the content of the blog, while mine, is super random.

That is why for now, I put Fanny Brice’s quote that I found randomly on internet

“Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you?”

For now, I think this quote is so apt with my blog.

Because, however random my posts will be, it will be a reflection of me as I am. 😉

I will probably change the tagline if I have found a good idea of what I want to put there. Didn’t hey say that the only constant thing in this world is a change? 😀


Who’s Vamps and why is she wandering around here?

Well, this question is the first assignment for Blogging101.

When I decided I wanted to start consistently writing a blog, I created a page on my blog with the title of “Who’s Vamps?”

I listed several facts about myself because I’m not really good at self introduction. Whether it is in real life or in online world. I’m rather shy in nature when meeting new people.

So to help with my post, I’ll answer some questions sent in the email.

Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

Like I said, in real life and even in online world, I usually rather shy to meet new people. It’s awkward for me to approach new people because I don’t seem to know what should I talk about and how should I approach them. By making my blog public, I wish that it will help me in real life to be more comfortable in talking to strangers/new people. Things I shared on here are nothing too personal, hence I don’t mind making it public. To share more personal details about me, I know that I’m not ready yet.

What topics do you think you’ll write about?

I am pretty much random person. So if this blog is a reflection of me, it will definitely random too. From books to movie to cooking to health to photography to sport and to kpop. I’m random, therefore I am.

Who would you love to connect with via your blog?
EVERYONE. I really mean it. I love having friends from many different places, background and culture.

If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?
If my blog can survive until next year, I hope that by that time, in one or other way, this blog can help people, including myself. 😉