Writing 101 – Day 5: The Good Way of Using Social Media

Hello again..

Late submission of W101 assignment, which is about getting an inspiration from Social Media.

The tweets suggested were all pretty good, but this one caught my attention the most maybe because I will be coming home in less than 2 weeks

[tweet https://twitter.com/duchessgoldblat/status/598281402837110784 ]

I’m sure all of us has heard this saying “home is where your heart is” and I’m pretty sure everyone knows that feeling.

Which is why, the above tweets stand out the most among the other tweets.

When you’re first hearing the word home, what is the first thing that come into your mind? (You might be wondering why most of my posts are all about ‘first thought/first impression’, I guess it’s just my style because I genuinely believe that the first thing we thought about something is the most honest of what we feel about them. 😀 I don’t apply this to people I’ve only briefly see though. )

Anyway, back to topic …

Home is a person. If you’re lucky, home is yourself.

Do you still remember that home is where your heart is?

For me when I first hear (or in this case, read) home, the first thing crossing my mind is actually my mum. and then my dad. and then my mum’s home-made cooking and you know family and stuff.

Home, this word brings out a warm feeling. The kind of feeling that make you relaxed, happy and comfortable. When you’re tired, you long for home. When you’re sad, you long the comfort of your home atmosphere. It is a place where you can be happy and comfortable in it.

Which is why the second part of the tweet is so powerful.

“Home is a person. If you’re lucky, home is yourself.

It feels like hitting you with a big question, are you happy with yourself? are you comfortable with yourself?

Often, most people take care and nurture other people they forgot to do the same for themselves. They love other people but they forget how to love themselves. They accept people they love the way they are but they forget to accept themselves the way they are.

These things though, are actually easier said than done.

I’ll take myself for an example.

For years I don’t know how to accept myself the way I am. I realized late and still am struggling to adjust this new perspective.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been listening people telling me I should do this, I should do that, even until right now, I still have people who can’t seems to accept the way I am. It’s not like they do not love me or anything, but it is how they are trying to show that they care.

The negative side of these ‘care’ is unfortunately, it makes me trying so hard to live up to their standard, trying not to disappoint them when it’s sometimes not really things I want.

When I realized that I should try myself to accept the way I am, I did start to telling them the same.

Sometimes when they told me something I don’t really feel like it would suit me, I told them that it is not for me and I’m already comfortable with myself right now. Sometimes they accept, sometimes they argue.

It’s a small steps, but in every little step taken, the closer I am – and people around me- to a complete self acceptance. That everyone is different and unique. And that one day, when we’re all lucky, our home is our self. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Day 5: The Good Way of Using Social Media

  1. Very beautiful.

    I really like your take on this one. We can truly begin to love and care for others only when we are in harmonious state of peace with ourselves.

    Have a lovely weekend my friend.

    Anand 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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