Writing 101 – Day 4 : An Image’s Story


If a picture paint a thousand words, then this picture paint a thousand of different stories.

Image of City at Night, the city lights often brings a mellow feeling and a thousand imagination to my mind.

When you’re passing through a busy street or when your flight finally ready to land, and you saw the lights below you, do you also think that each of those light are representing a family? a single person? a couple?

Does the owner of each of those light have a good day?

Are they enjoying dinner with their love one?

Are they still waiting for their love one to come home?

Are they still looking for the one?

Are they happy? Are they sad?

Same when you saw busy street at night, where are these people heading out to?

Are they in a hurry? Are they just wandering around?

Do you think among the people in those lights, there’s anyone out there who look the same sight as you and and thinking exactly what you are thinking?

These kind of thoughts usually appear on my mind when I saw city at night/city light. 🙂

I hope I’m not being creepy..




The Secret of W101

Ahh I was almost giving up making this post, it was kind of long and tiring day for me in real life but I can’t seem to put my mind on rest knowing I still haven’t post today’s assignment from Writing 101 class.

So, I’ll make a quick post regarding the one word prompt. Given all the choices sent, I feel that Secret was the most fascinating word of them all.

Everyone has a secret, or 10.

I have a secret, you have a secret, I’m sure even my parents both have a secret they don’t even tell each other.

I think most of my ‘secrets’ are made to be secret because I feel like they will make me vulnerable. It can do damage to the sensitive insecure part of me. And I don’t want pity from other people nor do I want people to think I’m weirder than I am now.

But I can accept those secret as part of me, special part of me that is just for me. My own space in myself.

Was this that make secrets so special?
That some people going out their way to protect their secret?

Because it’s like the most basicest out of basic right to have a secret?

What do you think?

Oh, and good night for now! X


Writing 101 – Day 2. The List.

Hi again everyone!

I’m so happy reading a lot if people’s post on the Day 1 assignment yesterday, and even though it’s already a bit late in my place (local time), time to submit the 2nd day assignment.

Day 2 of Writing 101 class. Making a list. 

I may be sound repeating myself from yesterday assignment but I did introduce myself on my blog before these B101 and W101 classes started using a list! What a coincidence! Fate? 😉

Okay, so for today’s assignment, given the choices of list in the email we received, I’d like to choose,

Things I like

  • Smell of the earth after/during the rain
  • Smell of fresh coffee in the early morning
  • Smell of new books when you open them for the first time (bookworm alert!!)
  • Warm shower after long day at work
  • The B*dy Sh*p Japanese Cherry Blossom series (this is not an advertising!!)
  • Taking random photos when I go travelling
  • Spicy food!! and Spaghetti, of course, I can’t not to mention this.
  • Streaming movies online (oops)
  • Doraemon
  • Chatting with my Chelsea online friends, or just even sometimes I’d be a silent reader on their conversation in our chat room during the match (I’m not being creepy, but sometimes I just enjoy reading and let the conversation flow without intention of joining in, weird isn’t it?)
  • Spending lazy weekend at home
  • Sweet warm jasmine tea
  • Listening to Tohoshinki’s ballad songs (I can make another list of songs recommendation for this like seriously!)
  • Watermelon. Lots of them. Fresh watermelon or watermelon juice I love them both.
  • The colour of Blue. I like blue and I look good wearing blue clothes. I like Blue at first because of Chelsea, I still do, maybe still because of the same reason, but I like blue. Blue is the colour.
  • Stopping a list at (not-so) random number. This time it’s #16. 😉

Why do I write?

I’m writing this post as part of the Writing 101.

This is the first topic. “I write because…”


I write because..

Honestly I don’t know.

I love reading, and I always admire people who are creative enough to write.

Maybe I write because I’m so jealous of them and I want to be “one of those people who can write”

Maybe I write because I need something to express my mind

Maybe I write because I want to share something to someone, with the hope that my writing is good enough, because being a reader myself, I know someone else’s stories that I can relate too, someone else’s stories that inspire me and that I want to give back those encouragement for a change.

And maybe I write, because deep down, I just want to write. 🙂

This is actually such a deep question for people who are still new and wandering around in writing world.