SKS – The Night Before

Apparently, 5 years after finishing school/university, when it comes to study, I’m still a loyal follower of SKS (Sistem Kebut Semalam) – translated roughly as The Night Before – meaning before a test you just study everything the night before a test.

I’m going to have a ‘mid-term’ exam for my Japanese language class tomorrow evening after work, and here I am just finished reading the material just now. And just once.

It’s not that I’m being a smartarse, I just not really good at studying for too long. My mind wanders around and in the end I will just abandon the text book. So it’s a better strategy to just read it all over at a glance once, and will do again tomorrow morning (because honestly I’m not 100% memorize all the kana yet) ㅠ.ㅠ

Anddd I think I register to the blogging 101 and writing 101 class from The Daily Post twice, though I don’t remember getting any  email confirmation to make sure I’m alredy registered. :/

For now, it’s a good night!


Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Connected.

Taking literal meaning of Connected, I decided to post these few pictures

Electricity posts connected by several cable amidst greenery surrounding in a hill near my hometown.

It creates a contrast image of nature vs human work.

as well as this bikes connected to each other on a wall in Thailand (when you get off from boat to go to Grand Palace, you’ll see these on there)

and last, Singapore’s famous Marina Bay Sand’s hotel, 3 building connected with what look like a ship and their infinite pool 😉

Picture of it taken from Garden by The Bay Singapore (yes it’s close by, so you can see them clearly from there, and it’s absolutely beautiful!)

all pics are mine all rights reserved – Vina Oktavia

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connected.”

What is my plan for the blog?

Well, like the title say, what is actually I’m planning with this blog?

Honestly speaking, I just type that title because I’m asking that question to myself.

I’m not a perfect-know-it-all girl who has all her life planned ahead of her. Sorry, that’s not me.

I do like planning things, but being spontaneous is as exciting and even more challenging sometimes.

So, I will just use this blog to publish whatever things I feel like sharing~

Perhaps an exciting things, perhaps boring things, perhaps expected things, and perhaps a very random things. 🙂