Writing 101 – Day 2. The List.

Hi again everyone!

I’m so happy reading a lot if people’s post on the Day 1 assignment yesterday, and even though it’s already a bit late in my place (local time), time to submit the 2nd day assignment.

Day 2 of Writing 101 class. Making a list. 

I may be sound repeating myself from yesterday assignment but I did introduce myself on my blog before these B101 and W101 classes started using a list! What a coincidence! Fate? 😉

Okay, so for today’s assignment, given the choices of list in the email we received, I’d like to choose,

Things I like

  • Smell of the earth after/during the rain
  • Smell of fresh coffee in the early morning
  • Smell of new books when you open them for the first time (bookworm alert!!)
  • Warm shower after long day at work
  • The B*dy Sh*p Japanese Cherry Blossom series (this is not an advertising!!)
  • Taking random photos when I go travelling
  • Spicy food!! and Spaghetti, of course, I can’t not to mention this.
  • Streaming movies online (oops)
  • Doraemon
  • Chatting with my Chelsea online friends, or just even sometimes I’d be a silent reader on their conversation in our chat room during the match (I’m not being creepy, but sometimes I just enjoy reading and let the conversation flow without intention of joining in, weird isn’t it?)
  • Spending lazy weekend at home
  • Sweet warm jasmine tea
  • Listening to Tohoshinki’s ballad songs (I can make another list of songs recommendation for this like seriously!)
  • Watermelon. Lots of them. Fresh watermelon or watermelon juice I love them both.
  • The colour of Blue. I like blue and I look good wearing blue clothes. I like Blue at first because of Chelsea, I still do, maybe still because of the same reason, but I like blue. Blue is the colour.
  • Stopping a list at (not-so) random number. This time it’s #16. 😉

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