Why do I write?

I’m writing this post as part of the Writing 101.

This is the first topic. “I write because…”


I write because..

Honestly I don’t know.

I love reading, and I always admire people who are creative enough to write.

Maybe I write because I’m so jealous of them and I want to be “one of those people who can write”

Maybe I write because I need something to express my mind

Maybe I write because I want to share something to someone, with the hope that my writing is good enough, because being a reader myself, I know someone else’s stories that I can relate too, someone else’s stories that inspire me and that I want to give back those encouragement for a change.

And maybe I write, because deep down, I just want to write. 🙂

This is actually such a deep question for people who are still new and wandering around in writing world.


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