Khun vs. San. | The Ugly Truth.


Good evening.

Sometimes in life people make mistakes.

Small mistakes that other people barely notice.

Big mistakes that make everyone turn their head to look at.

And sometimes…

Silly mistake that make you just laugh yourself silly.

There’s this girl called Vamps.
She works in an ordinary office.
Twice a week, after work, she attend Japanese language class that she enjoy a lot ever since she started it about one month ago.

Today, enter a new boss at her office.

The new boss then asked her to send out an email to co-worker in Thailand. Confidently she typed out the email and send it out.

Less than 5 minutes, the kind lady on the other side of email replied saying thank you.
In an instant, Vamps burst out laughing because she realized she just made some silly (and embarassing) mistakes.

Email illustration: 
Vamps:  “Dear xxx-Khun, …”

Reply: “Dear Khun Vamps…”

Vamps was just too enggrossed in her newfound love of Japanese language where it polite to add ‘San’ after a person name that in a momentarily lapse of judgement she forgot that ‘Khun’ (polite way to address someone in Thai) is added BEFORE the name instead of AFTER the person name.

Vamps is happy that the kind lady didn’t further make comment on the silly mistake, nor did the new boss who was just relocated back to Indonesia from Thailand.

Just a bit of wounded pride and shakes head out of such a silly error. 😉

And work life continue…



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